• The name of PulauAman literally means “Island of Peace” is a small and tranquil island located in the coast of Bukit Tambun, SeberangPerai,southeast of Penang Island ,and is home to a Malay fishing village or “Kampung”.
  • It was first inhabited in 1817 by the Bugis ethnic group and residents of Kedah, and is currently the town in Malaysia where the entire population consists of only the Malay ethnic group
  • It comprises of two islands, namely PulauAman and PulauGedung and the main activities of its inhabitants include fishing and agrotourism
  • With a total population of only 260 people, this island of 288 acres is located about 2.5 nautical miles from mainland
  • This quiet island does not have roads – only a cement pavement is available for one to cycle or walk
  • Homestay profram was established in year 2008. 21 homes participate in the homestay program and visitors will get the chance to experience the lifestyle of a local
  • Famous balacanPulauAman is made – a shrimp paste used by many locals to enhance the flavor of various dishes. Many locals also involved in deer and cockles breeding activities to sustain their livelihood