Monkey - Longtailed Macaque



  • The body of longtailed macaques varies from gray to reddish brown with lighter underparts
  • The face is pinkish.
  • Males have cheek whiskers & mustache; females have a beard.
  • Infants are born black.
  • Female bigger than male.
  • Head and body length & weight: male 385mm-503mm(15.2in-19.8in), 2.5kg-5.7kg & female 412mm-648mm(16.2in-25.5in), 4.7kg-8.3kg.
  • Habitat : coastal, mangrove, swamp and riverine forest up to 2000m, and maybe found near villages.
  • Diet : Fruit, seeds, buds, leaves and other plan parts; animal prey such as insects, frogs and crab.
  • It can swim well and jump into water from nearby trees.