Water Monitor (Varanus Salvator)

  • As one of the largest lizard in the world. Malay is called “biawak”
  • Water monitor is one of the most common wild animals in Malaysia
  • Type locality between Thai-Malaysian border areas. Habitat consist of tropical areas, mangroves forests, areas of thick vegetation and bodies of water.
  • Typically grew with yellow spots and black stripes
  • Water monitor are cold-blooded, have strong legs and are able to run fast – faster than the average human.
  • Male monitor are generally larger, longer and heavier than female.
  • Can attain in maximum size of 3m (9.8ft) and  reach a weight of 75kg-90kg (170 to200lb)
  • Varies diet: fish, frog, rodents, birds, crabs, snake, turtles, young crocodiles, crocodile eggs as well as rats & mice.
  • They spend most of their time in water and are excellent swimmers.
  • They can also climb very well and will stay in trees to escape predators.
  • The most difficult lizard species to breed and lay about 15-20 eggs per batch.
  • Female monitors lay about 40 eggs a year.
Water monitors reach maturity in two years and have a lifespan about 15 years.