Gedabu / SonneratiaCaseolaris / Apple Mangrove / CrabappleMagrove


  • Flowers only open for one night and have an offensive smell
  • The flowers bloom at night, revealing numerous stamens which are shed the next morning.
  • The fruits are large (4cm wide ), green, leathery berries with a star-shaped base.
  • The fruits are round
  • Each fruit contains numerous seeds which has air-bearing tissues allowing them to float and be dispersed by water.
  • When ripe the fruits are eaten raw or cooked
  • The ripe fruits are eaten by people from Africa to the Malays and Javanese, and are said to taste like cheese.
  • Leaves may be eaten raw or cooked
  • In Eastern Africa the leaves are used a camel fodder
  • The wood is used for firewood
  • They are the host trees of the fireflies

Medicinal Uses :

  • Is used in poultices for cuts, bruises (scars), sprains and swellings.
  • Fermented fruit juice is said to be useful in arresting haemorrhage
  • The wall of an old fruit is given as a vermifuge
  • The juice of half-ripe fruit id used to treat coughs
The juice of the flowers enters in to a compound for treating blood in the urine