Eagle – Brahminy Kite


  • Head, neck, throat, upper belly and flanks are generally white, the rest of body including the wing coverts, thighs and tail is largely bright chestnut.
  • Females slightly larger than the males.
  • An opportunistic scavenger
  • Varied diet : feeds on offal and food waste from boats and rubbish tips and carrion, it also hunts from live food including crabs,crustaceans, amphibians, small reptiles, fish, insects, small mammals and birds.
  • Normally seen alone, in pairs or occasionally in small family groups, but rarely in the large flocks formed by some kite species.
  • Breeding pairs build an untidy nest (2 to 30 metres above the ground usually in a prominent fork of a tall tree).
  • The nests which are made from sticks, gras, seaweed, flotsam and other rubbish.
  • The female lays one to three eggs.
  • Its typically found on tropical and subtropical coast. (including estuaties, mangroves, beaches, coral reefs, dunes, saltmarshes, cliffs and village harbours , it also occurs inland, by rivers, lakes, swamps, rice paddies and other wetlands)