Dolphins Habitat
or Where do Dolphins Live?

Have you wondered where do dolphins live?

Where they live is called a habitat. A Dolphins habitat can be found all around the world! It depends on the species as to where you might find a specific type of dolphin.

The bottlenose dolphin is very common as it can be found nearly everywhere including the Atlantic, Indian & Pacific Oceans, the Mediterrean, Red & Black Seas. They live along the coastline and also offshore in the ocean.
Many dolphins migrate according to where their food is. But if there is enough food available then they may just stick to a local area.

For instance many bottenose dolphins that live along the coastline seem to stay in one general area and do not migrate possibly because food is plentiful. As the bottlenose dolphin is one most people think about or see in dolphinariums, you may think all dolphins are like this.

But other types especially those that live offshore in the ocean will migrate and have different habitats. Some will take a very organized route, and as their habitats change in food supply and temperature their migration may follow. They can even travel hundreds of miles just to follow their food supply.

As global warming increases the dolphins food supply is also effected. This could change migration patterns and force those that do not migrate to adapt for survival.

Amazing Facts about Dolphins!

Amazing facts about dolphins include that they are mammals and not fish. Why?

A dolphin is a mammal just like us. There are 5 interesting facts about dolphins that make them mammals:

1. They have live birth, just like us! Babies are called calves.

2. They are born with hair. What? Yes, babies are born with whiskers just above their rostrum, which falls out immediately after birth. You can still see the small black spots on adult dolphins above the rostrum where these used to be.

3. They breathe air. Dolphins cannot breathe under water. They breathe out of their blowhole. This is why you should never attempt to put anything in their blowhole, because this is their route to breathe and make sounds. But they can hold their breath for amazing amounts of time! 7 minutes is no problem for a bottle nose dolphin, other types can vary. But they do need to come up for a breath.

4. Baby dolphins drink milk just like other mammals that produce milk for their offspring. The baby will swim along with its mother while drinking.

5. They are also warm-blooded just like us.

Dolphins are beautiful creatures. Did you know that there is a rare albino dolphin too?

Here are some more amazing and interesting facts about dolphins:

Have you ever wondered what do dolphins eat? This can vary depending on the type of dolphin it is. But many will eat the same kinds of fish.

* Arcticle from Malaysia Insider dated 17 Oct 2012 regarding dolphins sighting near Penang Bridge